Half of D800 have issues???

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Re: Thom has updated what he said

Soverain wrote:

TFergus wrote:

diverroy wrote:

Evidently Thom has never heard of the D7000

Agreed... Mine and a lot others had bad focus-issues, but we still had the same people denying forever (maybe still...) that there were any QC-issues...

I got mine fixed after TWO trips to Nikon service.

I'm probably getting a D600, but no way am I buying it right out of the gate after my last experience (and hearing this about the D800).

I have 2 x D90's (brand new) one in service, one needs to go back for re-calibration (it's improved but now FF instead of BF)

Anyone who thinks this is just a D800 issue, is mistaken. There is something to say about buying 2 bodies in different countries from different batches both with defective AF. Very unlikely. The fact a camera as expensive as the D800 can hit the shelves with poorly calibrated AF is pretty worrying. It's not acceptable whatever the price of the camera, even more frustrating for high end models.

If Thom thinks this is just a D800 issue or d7k one he's mistaken, it hints at bigger problems and factory issues.

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