EM-5 with 50-500 Bigma?

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Re: EM-5 with 50-500 Bigma?

ayt wrote:

I usually do a combination of manual focus + fine-tuning with AF just before I shoot, whether on a 43 body or a m43 body. even with the E-620, birds flying had a terrible success rate if I kept to purely AF. I'm not sure how long you usually have to take a shot, but at least with my experience, you need to give it time to get a good shot anyways, so any potential slowness caused by the CDAF of m43 bodies shouldn't be a huge issue.

I can't recall much more though. too long since my short handling of the combo. I tended to keep the Bigma on the E-620, but mostly for convenience within a multi-body setup than any issues with the E-M5 and the Bigma.

I have the 50-200, MK1, and it focuses no problems. However, I respond because of the issue mentioned above, about manual focusing/fine tuning. The OM-D can be setup so that when you half press, the IBIS engages (I think most do this). Also, one can setup the manual focus, so that when you turn it, the sensor crops in ... at up to 14xs. This would not have been possible with even 200mm, but I find it very easy to do. I am not sure though, whether IBIS is usefull , because your are using a bean bag. I reckon you'd have to try it.

I also have not heard about those using a mono-pod either. I presume IBIS would not work with that either. Still, if the bean bag is as good as IBIS, then you'll find the manual check very powerful and accurate, compared to using a viewfinder, let alone one like the 520, which honestly is not very good. However the EVF can crop right in (you can setup how much).

Perhaps you need to go to a retailer and try it?

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