D800 vs D4 first impressions

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Miscalibrated green channel ?

Thank you for posting the images. Lovely shots, really.

About the green case: it may be channel miscalibration (yes, this can be adjusted). If it wasn't, if it was the inherent sensor color rendition then we would have heard much more frequently about it on this forum. You have an uncommon but real issue with your camera here. But this is the 2nd thread I've seen about it with so far less than 10 users reporting back in total. The confirmation is unsettling. Anothre QC issue to add to the long D800/D800e/D4 list?

If it was me I wouldn't accept the left AF sensor to remained unfixed. First there is the matter of principle that I expect my camera to be in working order, even for features I don't use. Then there is the problem of value at resale. It will increase the value of your camera if you ever sell it and you can state in the camera description that the AF sensor works to specs. On the other end, if it's not quite working right, some potential astute bidders may ask you about it and you'll have to reveal the truth. Which means less bidders and less resale value for the camera.

As to your question, I'd keep the D800 vs D700. No hesitation there. Remember that your high ISO results are flawed because of your camera miscalibration. If you use dpreview's comparison tool you'll see that the D800 is bet green channel ter than the D700.

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