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Re: card reader

I've used card readers for years on my D1h and also a Fugi S1 and have no problem. Even use the cards to move files from my IBM laptop to the PC. Maybe I've been lucky with that. I did have a terrible experience with the "operas worm" recently and now have F Secure virus protection instead of the AVG and McAvee I had. I now backup more often after losing 2 hard drives of info. They salvages some files from the 60 gig I had pics on but PS wouldn't open them, said file name too short. When I downloaded Irfam it read them, but they are just all pink! Anyone ever have that experience?

Mike wrote:
Thanks. I never write files to the card from the PC, but I guess I
need to get a lot more serious about formating the card in the
camera EVERY time.

I backup my files to CD also. In addition, I have a several PC
network at home and backup files from the various PC's to the file
server. The file server (the computer with the original photos)
backs up it's files to one of the other PC's. This happens every
night and is automated. The only thing I don't have set up is off
site storage Of course I have to get the photos off the card

Mike H

craig wrote:

Hi Mike

I routinely re format the card in the camera when I'm clearing
space off the card. Every time. After a couple of years shooting
Digital with various cf cards I have never had a problem. Actually
I take that back. Once after succesfully offloading images from my
card, (with an external usb card reader), I put the card back in
the camera and when I turned the camera back on, got the "no images
found on card" message. The already downloaded images were fine but
the cf card had become corrupted. After reformatting the card, I
was never able to dublicate this strange occurance. Usually after i
return from a hike with a couple of full cards and then offload
them onto the conmputer, I then burn a quick CD of the files just
so they live in more than one place. Like the old saying goes, if
data doesn't exist in at least two places, it doesn't exist.

Sorry for rambling on.
Happy shooting
Craig S.

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Marvin Jansen

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