First outing with the "used" $1200 X-Pro 1 (Sea World/ Street Shooting) w/ impression

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First outing with the "used" $1200 X-Pro 1 (Sea World/ Street Shooting) w/ impression

So today was my first day out with my X-Pro 1.

Let me start with the quick and dirty. The $1200 X-Pro1 off of Amazons website was in perfect condition, was able to register it in my name with Fuji, packaging was amazing, and it worked flawlessly. I currently only have the 35mm lens and probably wait till the 23mm comes out to get a second lens.

So to my impressions.

So when I started it up this morning i spent a good half hour familiarizing myself with all the controls and was a little underwhelmed. I kept having this "is this it?" feeling. My past cameras were 5DMkII and the D700/D800. I am used to these massive menu options and settings and overwhelming manuals. It was nothing like that.

So I got the camera set up how I am comfortable with and headed on my way to Sea World in San Diego. So as I started the day I kept feeling like I was missing shots and they would be out of focus. I was primarily using the OVF due to how bright it was today. The OVF is a little complicated for my taste so I switched to the EVF and thought it was horrid, but I could more properly frame my shots. Colors and brightness were very blown out and I couldn't judge sharpness very well.

So I got over the fact and started messing with my film/ DR settings/ ISO settings. I primarily was on AUTO800 and seemed to be working fine but did run into some shots where 1/4000sec was a little slow for trying to do outdoor portraits at f/1.4.

But I am persistent and had every ambition to make this work because I loved the shots I had seen by Zack Arias. So I pressed on. The thing that started to annoy me is that I didn't feel like I was doing much with the camera. I was simply pointing the camera and taking photos. I was rarely messing with settings. Now at first I was still feeling underwhelmed.

Was I any less of a photographer because of this? Is this guy walking by me with a 5D and L lens laughing at me? I honestly thought to myself "I am going to go home, contact Amazon, and return this camera"

But this was an experiment for myself so I, again, continued. I still had the camera on Aperture Priority and moved between f/8, f/5.6, and f/1.4 and had grown to like the EVF. Then it happened. My shots became all about framing. My old habit of keeping my subjects in the center were dissapearing. I was paying attention to other factors of my photograph than the settings of my camera.

The camera finally became a tool rather than an extension of my creativity. I was impressed with my own shots.

So, after my skin got to red for my own good (forgot sunblock) I headed home.

When I popped my SD card into my computer I was shocked...

I had a personal connection with almost all of my shots. I had shots, although not in focus, still had an artistic vibe that I still felt comfortable developing. I enjoyed going back through them. It is a connection that I had not felt since my old AE-1 back in high school.

So below I linked to my session (about 26 shots) and hope you guys enjoy them, share them, criticize them.

Canon EOS 5D Fujifilm X-Pro1 Nikon D700
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