Weird OM-D Behavior...

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Re: Did not "attack" OP or anyone

You just don't get the point:

you have $1600 to spend on camera and don't have $15 to spend on card and you are using microSD card with adapter to "make-do".

And yes, $13.95 can buy you an 8GB SDHC Memory Card Extreme Class 10 from Sandisk.

This card is not good enough for EM-5? It's not better than microSD with adapter ?
I am done with this debate. Enjoy your camera with make-do solutions

boggis the cat wrote:

Olymore wrote:

In the UK you can get a 4gb Sandisk Extreme card for less than £10.
Why wouldn't that be suitable (along with dozens of other high quality cards)?
Even more so if we are talking about a temporary solution.
Not everyone shoots anything that moves at 9fps all day long.

True, but why buy a small card when you could run out of space? What about when you find that you do need to take more photos?

I have been buying 32 GiB cards for a while now, as that yields more photo storage than I am likely to need (even over several months of high activity) and/or decent video storage space.

If you may take a lot of photos and/or video in future then it comes down to whether you consider using an existing slow card a better idea than buying some interim card that is also inadequate.

I don't see any reason for the hostility toward people choosing to use whatever cards they want -- especially if they are quite aware of the compromises that are involved.

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