Best landscape lens for K-5

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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5


The K5 is an excellent camera - I don't think you'd be disappointed. It's one of the designs that comes up every once in a while that they just got "right". You might also want to have a quick look at the newly announced K30. (There may also be an upgrade to the K5 later this year.) I don't think there is one best lens. It really depends on how you see the landscapes you're taking and whether you have a personal preference for zooms or primes (or both).

Pentax's wide to standard zooms (16-45 f4 and 16-50 f 2.8) give excellent resolution and cover a versatile FL range. If you want to go wider than 16 with a zoom and stay rectilinear you'll have to go off-brand to Sigma et al. (There is a Pentax 10-17 fisheye). If you want some tele reach the 17-70 is a possibility that you're already considering.

Many people in this forum love the Pentax Limited series primes. Most are small and light with great performance and build. They balance beautifully on the K5 to give a very small package indeed. The 21mm, 40mm and 70mm are regarded as an excellent compact three lens set. The 15mm adds a still wider view. It's very sharp in the centre throughout the aperture range, but needs to be stopped down two to three stops to sharpen up the corners. It's also well regarded for it's low distortion and flare resistance if you like sun-included compositions. The bigger FA series 31mm, 43mm, & 77mm Limited lenses (for full frame) are also excellent lenses on APSC - right up with the best - but they are more expensive.

Macro lenses are also often favoured by landscape and nature photographers and Pentax has a 35mmf2.8, a 50mm f2.8 and two 100mm f2.8 macro lenses on offer - all are excellent lenses, though they have some different features. Pentax also recently patented a newly designed 60mm macro lens. We don't know why - some of us are patiently waiting to see whether this will ever be brought to market.

On top of all these current models you have a wide range of legacy lenses to choose from. Every Pentax bayonet mount lens ever made will fit onto a K5. Screw mount lenses will fit with an adapter. Metering is "native" with all lenses from the manual focus Pentax A series onwards. Lenses earlier than A series can be metered with some limited fiddling around.

Suggest you search the reviews in DPR, Photozone and Pentaxforum for tests and user comments about lenses that might interest you.

Enjoy your decision making.

Cheers, Rod

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