Panasonic says blurry images issue solved on Lumix GX1 with G X Vario PZ 14-42mm

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Re: GF3 vs OMD

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Does anyone know of documentation regarding the mechanical vs electronic shutter on any of these cameras. I can't imagine why a camera would have both, and if electronic shutter is available, I can't imagine going to the expense of including a mechanical one.

If shutters are actually electronic, then the vibration has to have another source.

All m43 cameras have mechanical focal plane shutters.

A few m43 cameras have a super high speed burst mode based off of the electronic rolling shutter typically used for video and live view. In these modes the images produced are at reduced resolution.

Mechanical shutters are used because the end result is superior image quality. Electronic rolling shutters can not be used without a significant loss of image quality for stills. Electronic global shutters take up significant chip real-estate (among other issues) and would negatively impact both high ISO noise and low ISO dynamic range so no one uses them for photographic cameras (but for something like a machine vision system it is worth the trade off and that is where you'll find them implemented a lot).

A few manufacturers (Sony and Canon) implementing a "electronic first curtain" shutter mode in which an electronic rolling shutter is used at the start of the exposure and the mechanical curtain at the end. This eliminates the shutter movement at the start of exposure (great for microscope and telephoto) with no impact to image quality. I wish Olympus/Panasonic would do this too.
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I think the GH-2 also has a capability for using electronic shutter. Video uses electronic shutters too, which is not surprising since video often runs at 30 frames per second or more.

And "mechanical" shutters vary very very widely. And have different designs.

The OM-D has a very quiet shutter, and it has a fast burst capability too of a bit over 9 frames per second. Cameras have different noise "signatures" ie the sound they make. Once, DPReview used to post a sound file which illustrated the shape of the sound and you could play it in most DSLR reviews. But they've dropped that now.

The OM-D also has an IBIS trick, that Olympus says corrects shutter button actuation ... not sure though about vibration from the shutter. But I suspect the OM-D has the least vibration from its normal shutter actuation of any m43 camera.

It would be good for OM-D owners who have this lens, to post some pictures!!

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