How likely is the RX100 to turn on by accident & lens cover opening inside a pocket?

Started Jun 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
rpm40 Senior Member • Posts: 2,350
Re: Ask The Many People Who Own The Many Different Pocketable Cameras

I agree with you. If you ask me, if it's not pants pocketable, its not pocketable. I can fit my m4/3 camera with lens in my jacket pocket! At that point, why bother making the sacrafices associated with getting an ultra-compact camera.

Do people not keep their cell phones in their pants pockets for fear of damaging them either? My phone would be much more expensive to replace then my point and shoot if it got damaged. My iphone sits in my pocket without a screen protector every day, I've tossed change and keys and whathave you in there far more often than I meant to, and there isn't so much as a speck on it. Likewise never a problem with any of my pocket cams in the past, though they aren't along for the ride every day.

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