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Re: 1dii for safari

A Rebel? Focus density? The 550D inherited the same focus system as its predecessor, the 500D (T1i), which my wife owns. The 1DII and the 550D don't even compare in the focus department.

If 8MP is enough resolution for you, then the 1DII would definitely be the best of the three. Low light/ high ISO performance may be slightly better in the 40D, if that is a factor. You won't be able to use that 17-85 lens, as it is an EF-S type only useable on the APS-C sensor cameras.

Just a year ago, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC displayed more than a hundred LARGE prints of its nature photography contest. The 1D Mark II not only used in more images than any other I saw on display, but also took the Grand Prize. (It was not an "old" contest, as other image made with very current cameras were also winners.) One observation that both my wife and I made was that resolution had no significantly discernible relation to print quality. Although prints varied in size from small poster to wall-sized, quality was high across the board, regardless of the resolution of the camera used. As a longtime 1DIIN owner, it was a humbling experience to realize that I had never come close to realizing the full potential of such a wonderful camera.

The 1DIIN won't hesitate. It will punch out images like you've never experienced, it's 8fps more than enough to capture whatever action you encounter. It's weather sealing will be perfect for protection from harsh elements. And the dual card slots (set to backup mode) will insure that you don't loose a shot due to card failure. Though superceded by other fine cameras in the 1D line, the 1DII will still deliver the goods, and would be a far better choice for a safari than either of your two other options.

Have fun!

kevindar wrote:

I would take it over the 40D, but not 550D. You will generally be reach limited, and the higher focus density of 550D will really help.

If you are leaving from states, this is a pretty expensive trip, and for many a trip of a life time. may be worth spending a couple of hundred dollars and renting a 1d4 or even a 7d.

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