5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: Same old same old yep same old tech since 2003

Mikael Risedal wrote:


Im also a Canon owner, why would I be happy with Canon's old sensor technology FROM 2003 IN THE YEAR 2012 ?

Because if you learn to properly expose an image, it works just fine. If you already know how to properly expose an image, you know this. It's only when you blow the exposure that these perceived issues arise. C'mon, 4 stops? Really? Let me see what happens at 1 stop, which is the most anyone should ever have to pull an exposure out. Only in the unlikely event of equipment failure at a critical and unrepeatable moment, any more than that is due to the inability of the photographer, not the equipment.

And why can't you guys be honest and give Canon the credit they deserve. Their sensor tech was way ahead of Nikon's and everyone else's until just a couple of years ago. They've been leapfrogged. That happens. It's not going to cause the collapse of world civilization, guys, it's no big deal. Canon isn't using the same technology that they were with the 10D, they are, though, not much farther advanced than the 20D as far as overall technology. Circuitry and AA filters have improved, though.

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