some pics C&C welcome

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Re: some pics C&C welcome

Xhinzo wrote:

Overall to me they are a nice set. The thing about flowers is that they arent going anywhere so take your time and work on your compositions.

I agree with all of Xhinzo's comments on the images. These are nice shots, artfully composed, not a lot of issues to nitpick. Still, you asked...

  1. 1, when using selective color just remember that it is a hugely overused cliche... not that you can't use it, but don't over-use it. You did a good job on this one, as it's hard to tell if it's selective color or just a really overcast day. There's a lot of bad selective color stuff out there, I'm sure you've seen it on facebook etc.

  1. 2 looks a bit soft to me, probably could have used a tripod. Cleaner background could have helped.

  1. 3, would have cropped in a little more at the top right, get rid of that light spot.

  1. 4 is probably my favorite.

In prepping #5, I would have removed those hairs at the top of the bud, but I guess you can do that in PP if you want to as well. Also, with #5 I would have bent down or avoided that out-of-focus bloom that is in front of the main subject. Would have made for a stronger image. In general, out-of-focus objects in the foreground are distracting to the human eye. Probably because our real eyeballs are not used to seeing it much in real life.

To me, there is too much contrast on #3, 4, and 5... but this is a matter of personal preference so your call I guess. A lot of people goose the contrast because they don't have a sharp photo and adding lots of contrast creates the appearance of sharpness.

Personally, I like to see more dynamic range than less, as long as it's not fake, over-the-top, cliche HDR dynamic range. But some people love contrasty, low DR photos the best, so who knows? The point is, you can always remove dynamic range by boosting contrast, but you can't add it back in after you take the shot. Which is why a lot of people prefer to shoot in RAW over JPEG.

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