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Re: Opinions on uniform

Joe Federer wrote:

Rolling on the round in a tux is silly. If your type of photography involves any of those types of non-traditional activites... wearing a tux is, likely, not the best idea.

Okay, a tux may be a wee bit overdressed for most weddings, royalty excepted.

However, if you can get away with less than a jacket, tie and dress pants and still keep getting high-paying gigs, more power to you. But I doubt it. Not as long as brides still have mothers.

I could never bring myself to do it, but a friend of mine shoots weddings regularly and for a lot of coin. He is also known amongst friends as an inappropriate under-dresser, showing up for dates in running gear, that kind of thing. But he would never shoot a wedding in less than a suit and tie, regardless of the 'level' of the wedding. And he shoots a lot from extreme low and high angles.

Professional is professional, and that's what's expected.

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