Sony A57 - horrid Jello Effect

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Re: Sony A57 - horrid Jello Effect

PhotoFan247 wrote:

I do get this effect if I select 24P movie format and am in aperture priority "photo mode" when I hit the movie record button. If I swing/pan the camera around side to side very quickly I do get this effect.

I didn't get a chance to test this with 60P movie format selected. So I don't know if selecting 60P alone will fix that.

But if I go into manual movie mode with 60P selected, enable manual focus switch on your lens, and set the shutter speed to 1/60 with the correct ISO for exposure. There is no jello effect even swinging the camera side to side like a mad man. I can upload a video to show this if no one believes it.

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That sounds like a solution for "shoot-ready" or "unbranded" footage, but for footage that requires dinking around in After Effects, the frames per second are almost tripled, so your workload increases dramatically.

For instance, if you shoot from a moving car and have to l ater go in and blur or blank out license plates or store names .. more work. Or filming a neighborhood and blanking out addresses or brand names on delivery trucks that go by.

This jello effect is a pain in my butt.

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