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Re: Winner is Sony HX20 - Agree

snapshot09 wrote:

Good point which explains why they gave the HX20 the rating of Best Travel Camera.

G-D wrote:


When looking at the pictures of the buildings at full screen-size(I mean: not pixelpeeping at 100%, but filling the whole window with the whole picture) on my 21 inch monitor, I find the Sony picture much more pleasing to the eye. It has more contrast, better colors and is clearer. A large part of the left side of the picture of the Canon is visibly less sharp.

Dcresource.com now has the review of the HX20V up (will probably come soon to DPR, now that they collaborate with Jeff Keller for reviews of high zoom compacts and bridgecams), and while Jeff notes the detail smudging at 100%, I have to admit the picture with the church interior (in the gallery that's part of the review) is impressive. In this particular situation it does better than the SX260, even when using pretty large magnifications.

See the Sony gallery here: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/sony/dsc_hx20v-review/gallery

Comparable pictures for the Canon SX260 are available in its review at either DPR or DCresource (the former being an expansion of the latter).

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