5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: You dont need Sony-Exmor tech to have clean shadows

John Sheehy have already answer, it is night mare for Canon with their old sensor tech.
high read out noise, uneven read out points, banding etc

gigamel wrote:

gdanmitchell wrote:

Alexandros Trichos wrote:

Second, I can't se how some people are so blind. The camera is a tool, it should be working as expected, even if the man behind that is an amateur or a professional.

A 747 jetliner is a tool. Should it work as expected even in the person at the controls is a clueless amateur?

If you put a person behind the wheels of a car who doesn't know how to drive, do you expect the car to work the same as when you put a skillful driver behind the wheel? Or do you blame the car when the it runs into the bridge in the first case?

The OP just pushed the image 1 stop by using HTP - and the shadows completely falls apart


Dont you think that is VERY disappointing for $3500 camera in 2012?!

And all you can do is to claim that he is a "clueless amateur" - wow you are really in denial!!

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