5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: You dont need Sony-Exmor tech to have clean shadows

a tool with an old sensor technology and canon fan boys have trouble distinguishing between Canon's other positive attributes and a old sensor technology

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MayaTlab0 wrote:

Alexandros Trichos wrote:

First of all I will assume this is a normal behavior of the camera, so this is not a bad copy that I have, thats how all 5dIIIs are.

Second, I can't se how some people are so blind. The camera is a tool, it should be working as expected, even if the man behind that is an amateur or a professional. This is a technical thing. There is noise at low isos where it shouldn't exist. I cannot understand why people imply that "A good photographer should not care for such things" or "we pay a lot of moony but we don't care about such things, because we are good photographers".

People aren't blind, they just thought you were looking for advices to minimise this and they gave you plenty. But apparently you're not here to improve what you can do with the 5d mark III but just complain about its sensor DR at low ISO. I'm with you on that one, but then either make it a specific thread with clearly stated intentions or go to another forum.

Now, noise at low ISO exists on every single camera. Even the D800 (shoot a deep blue sky with it, open it in Lightroom, and you'll see). What you dislike is the fact that the 5d mark III has slightly more read noise (which is a specific type of noise) than the average for non Sony / Nikon sensors and that it produces patterns, which is indeed a shame, but can minimised given the right technique.

And I don't believe that the problem is the underexposed images. It has nothing to do with it. This phenomenon, as I mentioned before, also appears in other properly exposed images.

It's sometimes true. But properly exposing your pictures and switching HTP off will always help minimise it.

Anyway... I don't really know what to do...

First, let me tell you what you SHOULD have done. Before spending that much money on a camera, it's common sense to do your homework and get as much information as possible about. The simple fact that you're able to post on DPreview tells me that you know how to use internet. That's a good thing, because there are plenty of websites talking about Canon's sensors read noise at low ISO, which cameras are affected (basically all of them), and how to minimise it. Then, drawing from your own experience and needs, you should have taken the right decision and NOT buy a Canon camera.

Second, if that is a deal breaker for you, just sell it, and buy a Nikon D800, which is undoubtedly better at dealing with read noise at low ISO, and not in a subtle way. But I suppose you bought the Canon for some reasons, and you might not find the equivalent functionnalities on the Nikon. Do also understand that the 5D mark III's sensor isn't "noisy" in general, in fact it's slightly cleaner than the D800's sensor at high ISO and doesn't exhibit as much colour shift in the shadows (something just as painful to correct as banding), so a D800 won't produce better pictures at higher ISOs. the 5D mk III just has poor read noise figures for a camera of this class.

BTW, it's not because it has poor read noise figures and ugly pattern noise that its sensor is "lagging behind" as a whole. As I said, I believe it is, with the 1DX, the only full frame sensor with an electronic first curtain for example. And it may have some innovation here or there that we don't directly see.

I'd love Canon to improve their sensors read noise figures, but unfortunately that's out of our hands. So the only things you can do are :
1 - do your homework before buying a camera.
2 - be rational in your purchase decisions.

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