Panny 20mm or Sigma 19mm on OMD?

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Re: Panny 20mm or Sigma 19mm on OMD?

Panda9 wrote:

I had the 20mm for three years - it was the first lens I bought when I got my E-PL1 at release. It served me well - great lens overall - but there was one thing that bothered me. Although it is fast aperture, the AF felt slow to me, particularly in low light. In good light it was ok, but where it had trouble was in low light.

I bought it primarily for low-light shooting, the fact that I had trouble locking focus in low light seemed to put it at odds with the intended purpose. I know that others here are minimizing the focus speed issue as just being a matter of milliseconds, but there's more to AF speed than physical speed to focus.

In good light I would agree that the 20mm focuses adequately fast. However, in poor/low light, my 20mm would hunt and often not lock for awhile, sometimes not at all. I know about trying to find areas of high contrast to focus on, and that helped but not enough.

I found this to be true too on my E-PL3. However, on my GF1, the 20mm performed perfectly using the same subjects as with the E-PL3. So, the focus performance of the 20mm is not solely because of the lens, but the Oly camera Panny lens combo. I decided to keep the lens and return the E-PL3.

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