5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: Take it back

Alexandros Trichos wrote:

So here are the raws.


You can judge for yourselves!

And by the way, I see the original image. No compensation is being applied by lightroom. I acknowledge the whole histogram/curve thing, but what if I want an image to be underexposed deliberately? I don't have the right? Or shall the camera punish me with noise of some kind. I don't have the right to have shadows in my images ? Again, the images are not 'pushed' or exposure compensated, at least not as far as I can see.

Both RAW files are about 2 stops underexposed when looking at the RAW histogram. With Lightroom 4 you can even with automatic highlight recovery clipped one channel in some areas and have all fully recovered. This will give you slightly more. Also shoot at ISO 100 when possible rather than ISO 200 although this is not a bigger contributor.

You can complain that Canon should have as much noise, but this is the case and you can largely avoid this by optimal exposure. So bracket with one stop between and or watch the histogram carefully although this is not accurate for clipping.

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