5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: You dont need Sony-Exmor tech to have clean shadows

schmegg wrote:

What I did, however, say is that the subject of my image will be exposed much closer to 18% grey than it will to the figures you quote below which apply to 1% shadow.

But the OP was talking about SHADOWS - see the banding!


Very far from 18%

The whole point is that the shadow parts of the image is NOT exposed to 18% - hence have WAY more noise like in the OPs example - do you get it now?!!


The SNR at 1% is

5D3 24 dB
D700 27 dB
D800 27 db (1 stop better than the 5D3)

So you are admitting here that in your estimation Nikon have made no advances over the past 4 years since the release of the D700 with regards to noise - something you are denigrating Canon for.

You are just too stupid - it is an incredible achievement to make each pixel on a 36 mp sensor with the same amount of noise as the pixels of a 12 mp sensor

And at lower light levels it gets even better

The SNR at 0,5% is

5D3 19,5 dB
D700 23,5 dB
D800 24,5 dB (nearly 2 stop better than 5D3)

The SNR at 0.1% is

5D3 6 dB
D700 10 dB
D800 15,5 dB (3 stop better than 5D3)

The SNR at 0.05% is

5D3 0 dB (noise and signal are equal)
D700 6 dB
D800 12 dB (4 stops better than the 5D3)

There is a very good reason why DxO give us the FULL SNR charts

At the image level - print - you should add 2 dB to the 5D3 and 4 dB to the D800 numbers!

Shame on Nikon for their abysmal lack of progress!

You are seemingly taking careful aim at your foot - LOL!

WOW, you are not very bright, eh!

Here are ISO 100 crops at 100% (which is largely irrelevant to the final image - something you don't seem to have a clue about) of the shadows from each of these cameras as taken by a reputable, impartial reviewer ...

If you think that there the 5D3 crop here is in any significant way more noisy then the D800 or D700 then you are simply seeing things that don't exist.

The Canons are ALOT more noisy as DPR showed in their test:



Honestly, I think you are a Nikon troll making Canon-fanboys look like complete idiots Nobody can be that stupid!

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