Microsoft tablet cash grab..

Started Jun 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
kelpdiver Veteran Member • Posts: 3,107
Re: late to the game

AxelR wrote:

Plenty of time for the others to release new products, unless Apple and Samsung would rather just file more lawsuits and injunctions.

According to your logic Surface/Win8 should be far superior than those companie's unannounced products...

When Apple announces a product, it typically is available for sale that day, and shipping within 2 weeks or less. What MS did with Surface was announce an intent to build something someday sort of soon, just a step beyond vaporware. The RT model is no different than several Tegra3 designs that already exist. The Pro model remains undefined.

The other difference is that Apple and Samsung have a history of excellent engineering in this market...and MS does not.

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