All this negative commentary on the 5D Mk III has become a joke!

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Re: Do you also deflate your tires...

schmegg wrote:

gigamel wrote:

There is absolutely nothing extreme about 1 stop push, that will happen with Highlight Tone Priority (HTP), and shooting in either low or high temp light

But I guess you don't mind the 5D3 arriving with a flat UNFIXABLE tire

Your ignorance is obvious. The 5D3 will easily take a 1 stop push without any issue. You'd know this if you had any first-hand experience - but sadly it appears that you only have opinions shaped by considering anything negative and ignoring anything positive.

You are just plain wrong - pure and simple.

No, sometimes it CAN NOT take a 1 stop push, like in this example:

He used HTP same as pushing 1 stop

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