5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: You dont need Sony-Exmor tech to have clean shadows

gigamel wrote:

schmegg wrote:

gigamel wrote:


You only photograph grey cards????????
ALL your pixels are exposed to 18% middle grey???????


ALL normal images contain a variety of grey levels!!!

Take a look at your histograms!!!


Gee. What a mature response!

Umm ...

Yes - I expose my images correctly so that the subject is not 4 stops under. In fact, most of my histogram that encompasses my subject is usually well toward the right hand side.

Seriously - take a look at the DPR RAW images. The difference is marginal at best. Pick ISO100 and use your anal abilities to look into the very shadowiest bits. There is SFA difference. Please don't make me post the crops and make you look even more ridiculous than you already do.

You are attempting to create an issue where none exists. And it's falling flat with all of us that have actually held a 5D series camera in our hands and used it to create images (something you quite obviously haven't done).

Do you seriously think that ALL pixels in a "correctly" exposed image will have the same SNR as a 18% grey card????

Did I say that?

No - I didn't.

What I did, however, say is that the subject of my image will be exposed much closer to 18% grey than it will to the figures you quote below which apply to 1% shadow.

The whole point is that the shadow parts of the image is NOT exposed to 18% - hence have WAY more noise like in the OPs example - do you get it now?!!


The SNR at 1% is

5D3 24 dB
D700 27 dB
D800 27 db (1 stop better than the 5D3)

So you are admitting here that in your estimation Nikon have made no advances over the past 4 years since the release of the D700 with regards to noise - something you are denigrating Canon for.

Shame on Nikon for their abysmal lack of progress!

You are seemingly taking careful aim at your foot - LOL!

All at the pixel level (!) making the D800 pixel just as good as the way bigger D700 pixels and both a stop (3 dB) better than the 5D3 at 1% gray

LOL! Yeah - but who cares (apart from you).

Photographers care about images, not pixels.

Here are ISO 100 crops at 100% (which is largely irrelevant to the final image - something you don't seem to have a clue about) of the shadows from each of these cameras as taken by a reputable, impartial reviewer ...

If you think that there the 5D3 crop here is in any significant way more noisy then the D800 or D700 then you are simply seeing things that don't exist.

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