5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: You dont need Sony-Exmor tech to have clean shadows

David Hull wrote:

As for his hair-splitting over dBs, there is a reason that DxO puts up the SNR curve that they do and that is because (as you point out) it is representative of what a typical user will get in typical photographs. This is a fact that is also well supported by the IR and DPR tests where the images are essentially indistinguishable between all of the cameras we are discussing.

Come on David! you don't understand either??!!

The SNR18 from DxO is the SNR of the part of the image that is exposed to 18% - middle grey - the middle of the histogram - okay?! (and actually only the green pixels - the red and the blue are more noisy) - but the shadow parts of the image ARE NOT EXPOSED to 18%, but WAY less - hence they are more noisy - GET IT?!!!

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