LLoyd Chambers on 5D MKIII

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LLoyd Chambers on 5D MKIII

Folks and you call me a 5D MKIII basher. By the way, I will probably get one, although I know it will not anything to the end result of my images (5DMKIII files are not that far off 5D MKII), but please do not call me a 5D MKIII basher.

Lloyd Chambers:

What follows is editorial and subjective because I believe it will best serve my readers who are prospective purchasers of the 5D Mark III. It is also based on initial impressions, but over many years now, I have found that my initial impressions have never misled me. Also, my priorities are not those of everyone. I can only offer my best “read” on what I see.

The bottom line for me in this first batch of images is that the Canon 5D Mark III image quality leaves me feeling bored. Adding in the +$1000 price increase, I’m left scratching my head for why what this means— if I were cynical, I’d say that Canon is milking the market with a marginally better sensor than the 5DM2 at a much higher price. The 5DM3 images look improved over the 5DM2 in some ways but I don’t exactly feel compelled to trade up.

The 5DM3 sensor is surprisingly noisy. Granted, the use of deconvolution sharpening accentuates a finely grained look as compared to other less effective types of sharpening. But I have used this sharpening for all my reviews for a long time now, and it was never an issue with my Nikon D3x or even the Sony NEX-7, which has far smaller photosites. I’m not particularly bothered by film-like noise, but the streaking pattern noise of the 5DM3 is disturbing.

Will the new Canon 1D X offer superior image quality with its 18-megapixel sensor? I’d be money on it. The resolution of 22 vs 18 megapixels is scarcely of concern by comparison.

To be emphatically clear, I prefer the Sony NEX-7 sensor to what I’m seeing here from the Canon 5D Mark III— and the NEX-7 is 1/3 the price. Go figure. Now I’m not saying that the NEX-7 will hold up at ISO 800, 1600 on up like the 5DM3. But I am saying that at ISO 100 and 200, the NEX-7 images just seemed to have a much more pleasing quality to them."

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