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Re: Help masking sky...

Selective Color Adjustment layer and select whites. Set as follows: Cyan +30, Magenta +5, Yellow -5, Black +15. This turns everything that is white to a blue sky color. You can then approach it several ways from here. You can use a black brush and remove the blue from all the white/light areas in the foreground, or, make a quick selection or a magic wand (contiguous) selection, and mask in the blue. Touch up with a brush. You can paint over the tree limbs since only white will be affected.

Once you have made a blue sky, you will need to do three more things. You should do them in the following order:

1. Grab a cloud brush and click on the mask with a 100% black brush.

2. Ctrl click on the mask and create a Black and White adjustment layer. Clip that layer to the Selective Color layer. Invert the mask. This turns the blue transition zones gray and renders a more realistic cloud.

3. Run a Black to transparent gradient on the mask from below to sky to the top of the image. Go to Edit> Fade and adjust the amount of brightness of the horizon.


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