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Re: Best point and shoot, IF....

I've been really disappointed by the program mode on the D800 also. This weekend I had to hand off my camera to my mother and some friends for a while during a party. With the D7000 or D5000, I'd just put it on a scene mode and they couldn't mess up too much. No such luck with the D800. The result was any photo with me in it was either over or under exposed and pretty bad overall. Adjusting the RAW files helped a lot, but even in RAW, there's only so much you can do.

I almost never use P mode, so it's not an issue as long as I'm the one behind the camera, but I still wish it would "just work" better because there's always going to be a moment when I have to hand the camera to someone and hope for the best.

What gets me is that this is so clearly a software limitation, not hardware, and as such it would cost very little to implement the same sort of friendly features found on consumer products. Even though the D800's professional/prosumer market may scorn auto settings, adding some "it just works" modes wouldn't get in the way of those of us who use manual, and would greatly increase the camera's appeal to another market.

There's a surprising number of people out there who don't care to learn about aperture and metering, they just want great pictures and are willing to throw money at the problem. I know there are plenty of photographers around here who would like to guard the borders of photography against soccer moms and basketball dads, but it seems like Nikon can only gain by giving them what they want.

I really do know people who bought D700s just to take pictures of their kids and were disappointed by the learning curve. While it's easy to say, "well, they should have gotten a D5100 instead," that attitude doesn't make sense from the perspective of a corporation. If you're trying to maximize profits, why sell a $700 product when the customer is happy to pay $3000 if it means getting the best?

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