The D800 reigns supreme!

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The D800 reigns supreme!

I've been shooting with the D800 all week, pressing it into service where my D700 and 5DII once ruled. Some observations....

1) Sensor

Good lord! 5DIII and D700 owners should not kid themselves about this. The D800 sensor returns amazing skin tones, detail and the dynamic range is KILLER. I've pulled some gold out of that amazing resolving power when my 70-200 VR II wasn't enough. I cannot get over the detail at high ISO's and how it can withstand the NR. This is the best ISO 6400 camera I've ever scene once you're done with post. The D800 gives more of everything and so when post takes away certain things you're left with more IQ in the final print.

2) Auto Focus

My apologies to fellow shooters out there with D800 issues. Mine (and those my friends own) are all perfect. The AF has been faultless, only exposing MY errors. Amazing...BUT...I did have to dial in my AF technique to see that extra resolution. I 100% disagree with the idea that you need a tripod to see the differences. The D800 walks all over my 5DII for detail when shooting faster shutter in daylight.

3) Handling

This is a big fat camera! I'm still getting used to it. I absolutely need a grip for it soon. I feel like I adapted to the D700 a bit quicker and am trying to reprogram my hands.

4) LCD
I see no issues of any kind thus far.

5) Video

For those who care, video quality is better than my 5DII. The sharpness is fantastic when shooting people. The AF on video works just fine for bumming around with the family.

6) Two CF card slots would have made more sense!

7) Oddly I'm doing fine with the slower speed. I tried the 5 FPS mode at 25MP and that works beautifully as expected. The D700's 8 FPS would be nice and we'll probably see it on a D900 in a few years. far so good. My other cameras are packed away. The 24-70 and 70-200 combo are all I need and my other lenses are sleeping for now!


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