Importing photos from iPad -- Alternative Methods

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Importing photos from iPad -- Alternative Methods


TLDR: I want to find a way to import images from the iPad in a filtered manner according to which camera the images were shot with.

I have tried Adobe Bridge CS5 and Apple's built-in Image Capture utility, but neither of them lets you filter by camera model at the time of importing.

There is a specific technical reason why I want this ability. If you want to be bored by the details then continue reading... otherwise if you have a helpful suggestion then please, go ahead


I have this issue. I did a shoot with two cameras and the filenames are the same for many files due to myself not having set any unique characters on one camera vs. the other for the file naming convention of each. (Olympus lets you set some custom characters in your file naming to prevent this but I was stupid.)

Anyway I imported all to the iPad with camera connection kit and this went smoothly.

But then whenever I download all the pictures at once using Image Capture, whatever filenames were duplicated get a " 1" appended to the filename so they can all exist in the same folder. Whenever I download them all using Adobe Bridge CS5, it appends a "-1".

However I am not sure how the importing software is deciding WHICH of two sets of identically named RAW/JPG pairs to append the "1" to the filename of. There were hundreds of images so I don't really feel like going one-by-one through them to make sure each RAW/JPG pair was kept together.

This is why I want a utility to import only the images from a certain camera model, or to sort the imported images in folders by camera model. Thanks.


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