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Re: gotta disagree ...

Wellington100 wrote:

In a nutshell, I would summarise my opinion by saying that it is easier to get a good looking result from an X10 than from a D40 (at less than 100%).

Perhaps. The evidence on this forum does not, as a general rule, back up that statement. We see a lot of images with poor exposures. I certainly find that all the EXR cameras still require skill with the compensation button. 0EV is as risky as it is with any other camera, and with the tiny sensors there is no leeway.

The next question I would ask is whether the result from the X10 is good enough for ones purposes? As I don't print, I don't know how a D40 file comes out compared to an X10 file.

Depends on the result you are after. The D40, as with the D70 and D70s, is capable of stunningly sharp imagery. It is capable of very good subject isolation at mid focal lengths. The X10 works a lot harder for that and really never gets sharp in the same way (and the X-S1 even less so.)

For small prints and web display, there is more than enough sharpness with the X10. But for those who enlarge, I'm not sure. The clarity of D40 pixels more than makes up for the fact that you only have 6Mp.

In the end, I think these cameras should be bought to purpose ... the X10 has some more modern tricks, including tolerable video and a nice range on the lens with excellent aperture.

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