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Re: Last Friday I took delivery of a "new", 6-core

Robert Peters wrote:

MacPro. I need more power since the D800 NEF files bring my MacPro 1,1 to it's knees: 12 seconds to render each image.

Are you sure it is “only” 12 seconds? I have the MacPro1,1 and a D800E, and it seems like I wait way longer than 12 seconds for a 1:1 view in LR4.

I’ve seen the posts saying Tim Cook claims we will see a new Mac Pro in 2013, but not when in 2013. Would some of you more tech savvy guys mind helping with suggestions?

I use the old Mac Pro 1,1 for photo processing in LR4 and CS5.5, and I also use Nik plugins. I also use the Mac Pro for FCP 7 (the last edition), but mostly use my 15” MacBook Pro 8,2 i7 2.3 GHz for Premiere 5.5 video conversion because the old Mac Pro is so incredibly slow.

Both my video and photo files are on LaCie 4Big Quadras, and I use Firewire 800 to connect them to the Mac Pro. I see Apple may have a Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 available in July.

My question is whether or not to buy the Retina MacBook Pro, attach it to my 30” Apple monitor, and use it for both photo and video processing. My current MacBook Pro is a 8,2, i7, 2.3 GHZ. I found a link with comparative speed tests, but I am not sure which one is my MacBook Pro.

Will the Retina MacBook Pro be significantly faster than my current MacBook Pro, and work as a replacement for my old Mac Pro 1,1? How much slower than Firewire 800 is USB 2 (the other way I can attach the RAID drives to the Retina Display laptop)?

The old Mac Pro requires 8 plus hours to convert a video for Vimeo, Blu-ray, etc, and my i7 MacBook Pro probably requires half that time.


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