EM-5 DR good, but still not good enough

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Re: EM-5 DR good, but still not good enough

Onabeach wrote:

What I'm asking is why can't I take a pic with practically any camera, take the card down to Walgreens, print it out, and see basically what my eyes saw.

Who's "eye" gets to be the "reference eye?

For starters, your goal assumes that all human visual systems (the "eye" is just the start) render a scene identically, and that a color managed system that produced a print that marched the scene I "see" would perfectly match your perception. (If you think its is a trivial issue, consider the various type of "color blindness".)

Then, there is the fact that human vision is the result of a dynamic process: the human visual system "stitches together" a "visual representation" which "appears" (for example) to have a very high DR because it rapidly adjusts aperture and image processing to the portion of a high DR scene which has our momentary attention - sort of as if you had a roving automatic adjustment of whatever portion of a LR or PS display had our attention at the moment.

This stitching is a transparent, dynamic process, and it has as much to do with what is ignored as what is perceived: you can create a HRD photographic output with the DR of human "perception" of a scene, but it often looks less "natural" than a lower DR rendering!

This would often be the case if you had a system to "print" what you "saw" in situations of relatively high or low DR, contrast, etc.

Mapping such a dynamic process onto a "satisfactory" static print or LDC display is far from easy, buy it's exactly what a photographer is doing when they make the range of common photographic decisions about which aspects of the dynamic process of human visual perception are to be translated to a given static result.

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