Warning: Lowepro plastic carabiners may destroy your camera

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Update on Lowepro Customer Support

First things first: jenbenn is a He not a she.

But lets get to the point. I finally received a reply from Lowepro late last week asking for photos of the carabiner and proof of purchase. After I had submitted all documents I today received a new Lowepro Zoom 50AW bag by priority mail and they also paid the full repair cost including the price of the new UV-filter to my account!

So in the end I have to compliment Lowepro's customer service!

There is however one thing that leaves a sour feeling:

When I looked at the replacement bag I discovered that Lowepro has changed the design of the carabiners. The new ones now sport a different hinge construction which looks more robust.This proves that Lowepro knew about the fault in their old construction, but they did not care to inform their customers and recall the bags. Since I bought the bag from Amazon it should not have been too difficult to get in touch and replace the bag long ago. At least they could have posted a warning on their website. After all, the new bag and the repair cost cannot make up for the photo opportunities I lost while my camera was broken (the accident happend during my holiday in Italy).

I am also not to happy that Lowepro evidently leaves quality control to their customers. The old hinge construction already looked quite flimsy so it should have been tested rigorously before making it to the market.

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