5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: You dont need Sony-Exmor tech to have clean shadows

schmegg wrote:

gigamel wrote:


"An unconscious defence mechanism characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or feelings."

It is all about NOISE! - that you chooses to be blind is your problem!

It is only fair that the OP raises the question of the EXTREMELY NOISY 2012 Canon sensors that Canon has the nerve to charge $3500 for.

Yes - in fact, according to DXO, slightly less noise at all ISO's than the D700 and all but exactly the same noise as the D800.

So by your logic, Nikon has failed to improve their own design since the D700! LOL! You need to take some reality pills!

And you need to take some brain pills - look at the evidence:



And this idiotic comment tells us ALL that you dont know what you are talking about:

"according to DXO, slightly less noise at all ISO's than the D700 and all but exactly the same noise as the D800."

Because the DxO "noise" you are talking about is SNR18 - do you know what that means? Guess not!

It means the signal to noise ratio at 18% middle gray - that is smack in the middle of the histogram and has nothing to do with the noise in the shadows!!

Take a look at the FULL SNR at Dxo (measurements, Full SNR)




The SNR at 1% is

5D3 24 dB
D700 27 dB
D800 27 db (1 stop better than the 5D3)

All at the pixel level (!) making the D800 pixel just as good as the way bigger D700 pixels and both a stop (3 dB) better than the 5D3 at 1% gray

The SNR at 0,5% is

5D3 19,5 dB
D700 23,5 dB
D800 24,5 dB (nearly 2 stop better than 5D3)

The SNR at 0.1% is

5D3 6 dB
D700 10 dB
D800 15,5 dB (3 stop better than 5D3)

The SNR at 0.05% is

5D3 0 dB (noise and signal are equal)
D700 6 dB
D800 12 dB (4 stops better than the 5D3)

And again the D700 is not Sony-Exmor tech, but 4 year old Nikon tech - amazing it is so mush better than state of the art Canon tech in the $3500 5D3 and the $7000 1Dx.

And on top of that the noise of the Canon sensors appears as banding making it WAY more visible!

Ouch! - come again Canon when you know how to make noise free, non-banding sensors!

I actually mean this very friendly - you obviously didn't know what you were talking about - so have a nice day Schmegg and the same to the rest of you Canon-fanboys - we all want Canon to perform better to put pressure on the competitors

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