RX100 vs. G1X ISO 3200 RAW comparison, NR off

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Re: RX100 vs. G1X ISO 3200 RAW comparison, NR off

trale wrote:

If I'm reading this correctly, does it appear that Rx100's images have barely any chroma noise?

Unless something was off, based off of this comparison, it seems the RX100 actually has a slight edge over the G1X - sharper overall, less chroma noise, but coarser luminance noise. Anyone else see this?

If so, that is truly mind-blowing considering I was expecting the G1X to trounce the RX100 at ISO 1600 and above (by close to 1 stop)

Don't jump to to many conclusions - the complete lack of color noise in the Sony pic simply makes me think that turning noise reduction "off" doesn't really turn it all the way off, and that color noise reduction is still applied anyways - possibly baked into the raw file by the camera itself.

dpreview has noted that many cameras now bake a small amount of noise reduction into the raw file, regardless of what settings you use.

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