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Re: It has strong pros and strong cons

Well - I took the plunge and picked up a V1, 10-30, 30-100 and SB-5N flash yesterday.

I've not had a propery chance to try it out yet, only a quick walk with the dog yesterday evening, but a couple of things stand out. Colours are superb, especially through Capture One, AF is lightening fast for the type of camera and close focussing is very good. The latter two are way better than my G1X.

The 30-100 lens seems very sharp and both lenses (and the camera) are very well made.

An interesting observation is that I could not use Capture One with my G1X raw files as the wide angle view gave dreadful vignetting - I do not have this at all on the V1 which surprises me.

I tried a couple of the standard close up flower shots and general scenis (of not very scenic views!) whilst out on my walk and resolution and sharpness look decent - more than suffieint for A4 prints which is as far as I go.

As others have said it has some 'quirks' and changing settings is not straightforward sometimes. I really do wish it had a live histogram and hopefully this can be addressed in a firmware upgrade - that said there seems to be plenty of latitute in the raw files and Capture one comfortably pulls back highlights which appear to be blown out. Also wish it had exposure bracketing and again hope this can be addressed via a firmware update

Overall very pleased and it certainly provides a lot of flexibility and excellent IQ in a very compact outfit. Image quality is not up with the G1X (this is exceptional) but it enables me to get pictures the G1X never could given the better close focussing, lightening fast AF and lovely small interchangeable lenses.

Now if Nikon would release and a fast 35 and 50mm prime I'd be the first man on the doorstep of the camera store at openiing time!

Thanks everyone here for your constructive and well balanced input. I have had to forego some of the strengths of the G1X but gained much more in other areas.

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