5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: You dont need Sony-Exmor tech to have clean shadows


"An unconscious defence mechanism characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or feelings."

It is all about NOISE! - that you chooses to be blind is your problem!

It is only fair that the OP raises the question of the EXTREMELY NOISY 2012 Canon sensors that Canon has the nerve to charge $3500 for.

schmegg wrote:

gigamel wrote:

SILLY YOU!! - The OP asked about "low ISO", Dohhh!

And that is VERY disappointing that Canon is still stuck with 2005 tech performance

Thing is - it's not disappointing to me because the images I get are great.

We have weirdos underexposing images by 3 stops, pushing them up 6 stops in post, then peeping at 100% and splitting hairs about perceived differences! LOL! Morons the lot of 'em!

Fact is all the 5D series cameras deliver wonderful images at low ISO in the hands of capable photographers. The fact that you fail to recognise this tell us all a lot more about your own photographic knowledge than it does about anything else.

But hey - thanks for making it so clear for us! LOL!

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