Help turn my D800E into a D5100

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Re: Help turn my D800E into a D5100

morningoil wrote:

Wow. Some of you guys need to learn to RTFP. That's P for post, by the way. Sorry OP, wish I could help you more. Certainly matrix metering on my D700 and D3ss is no panacea - how that compares to the consumer bodies I don't know. Have you tried going auto and shooting the same scenes alongside your wife with broadly comparable glass and seeing how the exposures actually compare? Just in case you're making a more favourable case for the D5100 than it actually merits?


I'll try to shoot a few side-by-sides this weekend just out of curiosity. But I think I have a good feel for what sort of shots she gets in what sort of conditions. Part of this comes from me starting to offer my "expert advice" only to see that the damn D40x or D5100 did just fine without me.

I'm also finding--not news to many here, of course--that the files from the D800E are surprisingly robust--I can bring the shadows up quite a bit without getting ugly--so the "P=get good data that can be fixed later" approach is probably the right one if you are only going to offer one "P" mode.

I've been comparing the 28-800 to the 70-300 VR and have decided to keep the 28-300. I had read that the 70-300 was noticeably sharper at the 300 end but any difference--I saw no meaningful difference--wasn't enough to give up the longer range. The 28-300, true, is no match for the Zeiss (and no match for good Nikon primes, and I'm guessing no match for the high-end zooms) but I did print a few 17x22s and they look fine. Not amazing-oh-my-god but good enough for my application.

Tomorrow I think I'll try bumping the saturation up and see what else I can do to turn this thing into a point and shoot monster! (With that pointy lens shade it really is sort of scary...)

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