why no DXO review of the OM-5 yet ?

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Re: DxOMark DR numbers do not measure the DR that photographers use

coroander wrote:

DxOMark isn't measuring what photographers understand DR to be. As photographers, we look to be able to extract more detail from shadows and/or highlights. As photographers it's about how much range we have before the image starts degrading to an unacceptable level.

But DxOMark doesn't measure this. They don't care if the image shows very fine-grained, uniformly-distributed noise, or it shows terrible banding (or large-scale chroma noise clumping). Their benchmark believes all are equal when trying to pull detail from shadows.

People who believe in the DxOMark DR benchmark tell us that two cameras with the same DR will be more or less the same. But, it real life the camera that has fine-grained, uniform noise will have significantly more usable DR than a camera with chroma-noise clumping or banding; and signify more usable DR than a camera with somewhat more DR that has significant banding.

Noise reduction in raw conversion / post processing software has been a major contributor to DR improvements in modern sensors. It unfortunate that DxOMark fails to take this into account -- fine grained noise is easy to remove, banding and clumping are not.

This. That's not to say DxO can't be used as a guideline(and they do state that is their primary purpose), but noise patterns on the 5DMKII can be a lot more annoying to deal with than some of the recent m4/3 cams precisely because of this banding/clumping.

I also take serious issue with DxO stating the GH1 as having better noise performance than the GH2. What.

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