x10 vs. Nikon D40

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Kim Letkeman
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gotta disagree ...

Wellington100 wrote:

I too am a long time D40 owner and also a long time Fuji compact user so this is an interesting question to me.

In terms of DR, the IQ of the Fuji will be much better especially in daylight if you use 400%DR. To me this one fact alone is worth buying the Fuji for, especially for travel, because outdoors in good light, high DR makes images look so much better. This is because the skies don't blow, whilst at the same time shadow detail is better exposed, so at less than 100% the images invariably look classy, as in pro camera classy.

The X10's small sensor plus DR400 only makes it competitive with dSLRs ... there is no way that it is actually better for DR. Even against older cams like the D40. My D70s, for example, had a less refined version of that D40 sensor and yet was able to shoot this image with white silo domes and blue skies and a midsummer day ...

The X10 would not do that any better, and in fact would really suffer against this image for sharpness because of the halo issue on these sensors. This was shot with a $95 used Sigma 70-300 lens that packed it in almost right after this was shot. The shot before this one had the aperture stuck open and even that shot could have easily been saved.

A used D70s with this lens costs about 1/2 the X10's price tag ...

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