Any Lightroom Gurus able to provide some advice? Please!

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Any Lightroom Gurus able to provide some advice? Please!


For many years I've been using all manner of workflow packages to download, archive, develop and process my photos. I'm trying to focus (no pun intended) on one package to do it all and have decided that the best package for me is Lightroom.

I've got Lightroom 4 and need some help with Catalogs.

I use a laptop when I'm travelling and photographing. I generally download the photos from my camera using Canon DPP (I'll explain why in a minute) to the laptop but want to be more rigorous and use Lightroom from start to finish. Then, I use a portable harddrive to store all my photos - but not while I'm travelling - when I get home. I also have a desktop machine for faster editing and storage when not travelling...

The reason I use DPP ito download is because I'm uncertain about how to manage my Lightroom Catalogs, especially considering I use a desktop machine and portable hard drives...

So... what is the best way for me to work?

If I use the laptop, I need to import the files to a catalog on the laptop. But as I move the files to a portable hard drive when I'm home, They are no longer on the laptop and the catalog contains a whole pile of links which are not really there.

Then of course I use a desktop machine as well!

I really need some advice on how to set it all up?

Is there an easy reference anyone can point me to, which explains the best way to do this? When I move the files to a portable hard drive, should I remove them from the catalog on the laptop?

Thanks in advance!

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