5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: OK, I took a look at the RAW files

David Hull wrote:

Ogjetaknight wrote:

David Hull wrote:

Both are underexposed way more than they need to be. What was the intent of that? I suspect if you reshot these with a better exposure setting you would see a lot of improvement.

It's probably eaiser for him to just get the d800

Yep... he'll never be happy with it even if he does learn how to run it. On the one with the bucket, he has tossed out the entire upper quarter of the histogram. He is better on the other one (the flower) but he has still not made full use of the DR available. There is nothing about his exposure strategy that makes any sense to me. Of course the Sony advocates will say if you F it up, you can recover but why not get it right to start with. That’s why God gave us the histogram in the first place ;-).

Yep, I wonder if this new sensor tech is going to make us all really lazy?

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