Other classic Kodaks....

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Re: Other classic Kodaks....Cooljb

DC Alford wrote:

You got some awesome deals for sure. I usually end up the other way around!

I'm not looking for quite the huge collection you've got but I would like another P880 & P850 both of which I owned & enjoyed very much.

There are also a couple cams from other makers I'd like to reacquire as well.


I actually have other brands of digital cameras too. Alas my obsession is not limited to Kodak. I just have more Kodaks than any other. I have a couple of Olympus, Fujis and Panasonics as well. I even have an old Konica and an old Minolta - neither of which make cameras any more either. My favorite non-kodak camera is my Panasonic ZS7. It produces very Kodak-like colors and is very versatile. I love the pictures it takes every bit as much as any of my kodaks. It has it's own strenghts.

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