D4 & D800 Green LCD Screen Saga - Anyone has fixed this or attempted to do so?

Started Jun 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: My analysis & resolution - Re: D4 & D800 Green LCD Screen Saga

Glad you liked it and it was helpful

To your question, ideally the white balance should adjust across highlights, midtones and shadows equally and the LCD issue should resolve that way. You might have some mixed lighting temperature scenes that are causing your issue

I'm not an expert on this part as I've just started using LightRoom (v4) but I think I read it allows for selective area adjustment of white balance. I suggest researching their web site about that. Aperture or one other Raw processing applications may as well. In Photoshop and most of these applications can also process the file through Raw and then select a shadows only option in color balance do a straight green toward magenta adjustment there

Hope that helps



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