Nikon D300 versus Nikon D800

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Re: Nikon D300 versus Nikon D800

Linthicum wrote:

Why am I not seeing a noticeable difference in the photo quality being posted versus what can be achieved from other DSLR's ? I have a D800 on order but beginning to wonder if it's worth $3,000 compared to my current D300. I don't take that many photos in poor lighting conditions. Video would be a plus, I guess. I have just been unable to say "WOW". I don't mean to be critical but I would like to hear some candid opinions on this subject. Where are the "WOW" photos ?

In my opinion basically any DSLR is capable of stunning photos, and the differences between different cameras are more in the area of handling and some quite specific applications.

I am also using the D300 and will be getting my D800 next week.

I have been lusting after a FF, and the D800 is going to be it. I don't need 36MP, but I expect better color, new possibilities with the high DR and more capabilities in low light. Video and time laps are interesting too.

I do expect that the D800 will force me to be more considerate and careful, which I hope will help me to become a better photographer. But honestly, I guess I could do most of it with the D300 too...

In the end, a great photographer will take great shots with most any camera, but the D800 offers a few things which the D300 didn't.

Cheers, Surf

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