Nikon D300 versus Nikon D800

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Re: Nikon D300 versus Nikon D800

ata3001 wrote:

Posting images that have that "sharp" look requires the image be very sharp to begin with. After that is a matter of properly sharpening it for the web. There are as many opinions on how to accomplish that as there are hours in a week. Some methods are better than others but at any rate, it doesn't require a D800 to get that look. I've been doing it with a D200. Just upgraded to a D700 this week. I typically print 16x20's & a 36mb camera would be nice, but in no way necessary. I've done 2 photo exhibits of 16x20's shot with a D200. I really don't care who buys a D800, but those that do thinking it will improve their photography will probably be disappointed. That's like thinking that driving a larger car will make you a better driver. Ain't gonna happen.


If you print big there is a difference but ultimately a good picture is a good picture regardless of the camera. I hate to say this but it took a D800 to make me realize that the D70 I used 7 years ago took great pictures. Stick with the D300 unless you can utilize any of the full frame sensor advantages.

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