Yosemite with a 7D?

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Re: Yosemite with a 7D?

Here are some suggestions that will not include camera gear. Here it is: get in physical shape. Some of your best photo opportunities will be when you can hike out of the valley floor. Here are my suggestions for great photo shoots in the order of difficulty, with the easiest first.

1. Vernal Fall--and continuing on the loop around to Nevada Fall if you can handle it and have time.

About 1 hour to Vernal and another two hours if you do the loop. Spectacular views on the loop.

2. Upper Yosemitie Falls. Four to five hours one way. A stenuous hike but one you won't regret as the view is awesome. Plus, once on top, you will see things few have seen. Start at 6 am and you'll have the best light on top.
3. Half Dome is nice but the cables will probably be down, so skip this one.

4. Drive to Glacier pt and hike down to the valley. Of course, someone will have to take you up there. Four to six hours. If you can't/won't do the hike down, go up in the evening for some fantastic sunset photos.

Have fun and post some photos.

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