Help turn my D800E into a D5100

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Re: This will do the trick

tarnish wrote:

You can get what you want if you go into the deepest level in the Auto-ISO settings. Tell it to select the Auto option for the minimum shutter speed, then do one more right click to get you to the line graph. It defaults to the center with is 1/focal length. There are two clicks available to the right and two to the left. Each click is worth another step in shutter speed.

That gives you the options of 4/FL, 2/FL, 1/FL, 1/2FL or 1/4FL. At your 300 mm long end on the zoom that's 1/75, 1/150, 1/300, 1/600, or 1/1200 sec. You had better use VR for the early items in that list.

Now THAT is news to me--and welcome news at that . I had completely missed the extra level with the line graph. Outstanding--thanks!

But I have an even better option for you. I will have to make the settings changes in person. Send me your D800E, and I will overnight it back to you at no charge, with settings so perfect it will even look like a D5100, guaranteed! You will even get a brand new warranty.

Sounds good to me--keep watching for the UPS truck

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