Need advice on which tablet

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Re: Need advice on which tablet

ericN2 wrote:

But knowing your situation AND maybe to some better extent your feelings and capabilities...I feel strongly myself that you MAY find a Tablet a bit too 'new' in many ways to fullly enjoy... wheras I KNOW you are capable enough with a COMPUTER....

I know Russ isn't a spring chicken but I think he would love a tablet. My kids got me the new ipad a few weeks ago for mother's day and I thought what I am going to do with this since I already have a latop. My daughter spent 5 min with me showing the gestures to navigate and after a week I am proficient and totally addicted to it. I read my first ebook (Unbroken, very good), the camera is excellent for landscapes, the Snapseed pp'ing software is so fun and easy to use and browsing the web is fast.

Go for it Russ!

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