5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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David Hull wrote:

MayaTlab0 wrote:

I suggest you to try disabling the Highlight Tone Priority option (unless you want to keep highlight recovery potential at its maximum) and use a moderate amount of chroma noise reduction.

To be fair to Canon most sensors apart from the new Sony ones display chroma noise in the near black areas, even at low ISOs. Nothing that Lightroom can't handle. The main difference with recent Canon cameras is the pattern created by the noise, which is trickier to correct, but not impossible.

I agree. You are actually preaching to the choir here. I don't think his banding is excessive and it may be typical -- don't know for sure. However, my point was that if he finds this degree of pattern noise unacceptable, his solution is simple -- just return the camera (maybe try another one).

As for me I have looked at a lot of these sorts of test shots (I would love to have his RAW file) and have convinced myself that the degree of pattern noise in this new camera is an Improvement over the 5DII (which I DO own). Since I might buy one of these things, I am obviously interested.

I don’t think anyone who knows my posting history would ever accuse me of not being fair to Canon That’s just it, though, I DO believe that some fairness is deserved which is why I sometimes go off on some of the hyperbolic, over the top crapola that occasionally gets posted here (sadly, more than occasionally these days).

I have noticed noise in 100% crops of shadow areas in some of my photos not necessarily "banding" but noise nun the less. If your intention is to make large prints of 100% crops with a lot of shadows, this could cause a problem. However, at more subtle crop levels(even 50%) the noise would not be noticeable unless you were printing very large.

I guess the bottom line would be, if you need the cleanest shadows possiable, the d800 is your best option.

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